Joy and Responsibility!

A sudden joy came over me this morning.

I entered the day in the usual fug and sat at the desk searching for a brain.  Suddenly it came to me that I was privileged to have been chosen to hear God’s call to Jesus!  The worries and problems of the previous days disappeared.  Suddenly I was clear in my mind, suddenly I lived again!

My life was changed by the thought that Jesus had called me, God the father had chosen to reveal Jesus to me and therefore he was going to be with me.  Considering my thoughts over the past week this was great.  This was something I needed to hear and as always I did not expect to hear this and not at that time of day either.

Jesus has called me, Jesus has chosen me and like Peter as they walked by the shore he asks me to ‘Follow Him.’  It is easy to be glad that he has called, it can be difficult to follow, it can be glorious when we do however.

I respond by saying ‘Yes’ when he says ‘Follow Me.’  I am comforted by his leading and his concern, I remain however conscious of my uselessness, my weakness and my temptations.  However let us have a go, we can only win with Jesus!


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  1. Jerry E Beuterbaugh on

    Part of the truth that can set us free is that He wants to work through us–NOT WITH US! Okay, our Heavenly Father/Christ Jesus/His Holy Spirit does want His chosen servants to be willing participants in His work, but He does not need any of us to actually do anything. What He wants is for His chosen servants to want to know and understand what He is doing in and through them, and then bear witness to it.

    During my earlier days after He started making Himself real unto me, I was terrified of messing things up and letting Him down. Alas, I must admit that it taken way too long (in my opinion) for me to finally realize that I cannot mess anything up. For even the mistakes I may make are just as much a part of His plan as any possible successes. Of course, woe be it unto those who would want to use this as an excuse for misconduct.

    Quite sadly, the big stumbling block to far too many is that there is no success to be had for us as individuals. For any good that may come to be is strictly by His hand–not our own.

    You are on the edge of some incredibly exciting times if you will just want to stay with Him. For the way you have always seen almost everything (from religious traditions to secular politics and sports) will change dramatically. For there has always been so much more going on than naturally comes to meet our physical sight, and I hope you will let me help you from time to time.

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