Sentimental Worship Songs

Is it just me?

Four songs were sung today and I noted an inclination towards a type of song that I am not too keen on.  Where it comes from I could not say, but I might guess, and I for one am not happy with the idea.  What I am getting at is the slow, almost sentimental approach to a song.  It seems such an attitude is worship but to me while this has a point, that ought to be  a reaction that comes after praise and not something that leads into it.

The spiritual will say they began the day praising and came to church ready for such a response.  I say the majority live in the real world.  Praise ought to lead into worship, slow songs rarely do, especially when the words are slushy and not biblically motivated.

It seems to me we are seeking experience and not worship!

One example.  “Jesus, we enthrone you” used to be one of my favourites.  Sung with pace and gusto a room full of people were lifted to look at Jesus and not themselves.  When searching YouTube for this song it took a long search before I found one at the right pace, all the others were slowed into ‘gushy’ mode.  This ought not to be.

Some slow songs are marvellous, I used to like many, but the trend today is to sentimentalise the song and therefore the worship, this is a big mistake.  I am more sentimental than most but this trend does not inspire looking to Jesus, it inspires looking to the emotions.  Emotion is great, and ought to be expressed in worship, however it is easily replaced by something based on emotion, not faith in a person.



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