Where Are We?


So I wake in the morning and wonder “Where is my head?” It was there the night before, I remember talking to God in a sleepy type of way yet in the morning, refreshed and awake, there is no sign of it.  There is no sign of the faith, love and earnestness that appeared in my thoughts either, vanished like mist in the sunshine.

At times like this I ask “Where are we?”  If God is there, and I met him the other week I vaguely remember, I remember also answered prayer and small miracles, so why can I not figure it out this morning?  Of course he is there however my body has decided that sleep, hunger, exercise, sex, illness or some other desire has pushed him out of mind and he may be gone for some time.

The difficulty of remembering God when such moods arise cannot be measured, we are all slightly different, as indeed are our situations.  The clever people tell us to “Have Faith, remember he is always with you” and they are of course correct.  However this does not make it any easier, especially if pain or tiredness hinders thinking.

The truth is sometimes we don’t want to think about God, we prefer other delights, or somethings not necessarily delightful, it just dominates the thought processes.  There is much to say on this subject but my mind is fogging over with tiredness, I have just eaten, and I just cannot be bothered thinking.  Maybe laziness is the real problem, not the other things…


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  1. Helen Devries on

    Thus, I suppose, the value of a routine of some sort – reading a breviary, the religious exercises of the Jesuits…

  2. tynecastle on

    My routine was dearth today.
    I was just letting of steam hoping to wake up.
    It failed…

  3. Helen Devries on

    Mine goes to pot on a regular basis…always some disruption.

  4. maxwellthedog on

    I’m happy if I remember what I had for breakfast.

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