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Palm Sunday


Coming from one of those austere evangelical backgrounds I find the Anglican church and her ways sometimes strange.  I often mutter at the vicar and Curate “Papist” or “Heretic” when they talk of the Anglican calendar or activities.  They always ignore me!

Today being Palm Sunday we had the local Beaver Scouts parading in, flags and banners and all, even though there were only around a dozen of them.  In the 1950’s the then ‘Boy Scouts’ and ‘Girl Guides’ would have had dozens not a dozen on parade, fashions change and the military aspect of such events does look somewhat incongruous to me these days. Being Palm Sunday and with many kids and strangers accompanying them the service was aimed in their direction and handled quite well I thought.  The curate had many kids out there acting out Jesus entry into Jerusalem in both modern and ancient style.  The eight year old with beard and Jesus hair went down very well even if he could hardly see where he was going.  The music also was aimed at kids, well most of it, and this appeared to be enjoyed more by the adults!  It makes a change from the usual stuff.

Churches like the Anglicans make a big thing out of Easter, quite rightly in my view, however evangelical churches while remembering Easter tend to take the view each Sunday, if not each day ought to be ‘Easter.’

‘Lent’ is something many follow giving up things in preparation for Easter.  It does appear to me however that what most people give up is nothing of any value.  Often we hear those who give up chocolate, sweets, beer or some such, we never hear of those giving up hate, resentment, cheating or the like, I wonder why?  Those who choose to follow Jesus ought to be giving up wrong attitudes and putting themselves under his control that way they need not give up anything but continue to develop the life Christ wishes to live through them.

Oh how easy it is to talk innit?  How hard to live the life.  Yet of Jesus died for us, if Jesus will judge us one day, and if Jesus loves us and one day we will be with him then it is worth while trying to follow him.  I have touched on his life and I have tasted something nothing on earth can equal (So how come I forget this so easily?) and I want more of it.

The meeting this morning ended with a whimper as the kids paraded out and the leaders went with them.  We all stood there for a moment somewhat stunned at the ending and then made a dahs for the coffee!  Several were killed in the rush!  I got in first however…