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Christian Country


One aspect of the ‘Brexit’ debate that annoys me concerns the far right groups, groups usually inclined to violence and anti-Muslim rather than Christian, with their oft heard cry that the UK (a term they do not use as ‘Britain (meaning England) is their usual term) is and always has been a ‘Christian Country!’  This is of course nonsense.

Christianity arrived in Britannia during the Roman period, a probable church outline has been found and clearly displayed beside the relatively new Police headquarters in Colchester dating from the 300s.  This was situated just outside the old town wall but little is known of its use or who or how many made use of the building.

Certainly a form of Christianity has been around the UK ever since but was it Christianity or just religion?  To be a Christian takes a personal choice of commitment from an individual to the living Christ Jesus himself.  A personal choice not one ordered from above by a king or dominant government.  A quick glance at ‘British’ history shows such individual commitment was rare and the normal process was nominal Christianity usually from those wishing to keep in touch with a powerful pope in Rome, keeping in touch with Jesus Christ himself appears less important.

This is not to say that individuals did not seek and follow Jesus as much as they could according to their knowledge, Alfred the Great was one who appears to have done his best to follow his God in spite of the many problems he faced both politically and physically.  He ensured his children, male and female, were educated and he sought the best for the nation under his control, small and attacked though it was.  He also made his way to Rome at least once and was influenced by what he found there.

Several problems faced an individual seeking God in the past.  For one there were differing overlords with various approaches to Christianity, the Anglo Saxons, a disparate group, were influenced by monks from Ireland, known as Scots, who based themselves in Iona or Lindesfarne.  Later Augustine arrived at Canterbury and forced a Roman style on the new church and allowed the claim that he brought Christianity to England arise even though it was already found in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and parts of north and west England.

Theological disputes which arose were also problems for the believer especially as few could read and even fewer had a bible to read.  The most available bible was in Latin, the ‘Vulgate’ and few had this.  While the monk Bede attempted to translate parts of this into common language this was rare and later frowned on by Roman and local church hierarchies, a readable version took away their ecclesiastical power and position.

It was not until the reformation that a determined effort was made to ensure the bible was available in everyday language and several versions appeared from which in 1611 James the VI & Ist authorised his version which is still in use today in spite of many recent modern versions being available.  Thus the man in the street became aware of what the ‘Word of God’ to him actually was and men made use of it well for many years.

Until the reformation the man in the street was able only to follow the religion offered to him by the state, a state that rarely contained a commitment to scripture truth political needs coming first.  The King decided what the people believed, the church spoke as they were told and the religion on offer was very far from biblical theology.  The mass of the population continued in their own way obeying as they were told, punishment could be severe for rebels, and ‘just getting on with life’ as best they could as the majority have always done.  Deep theology was missing for the majority, it remains the same today.

In short Kings decided for political reasons what the majority believed, few really believed and just obeyed to stay safe.  While individuals who did believe arose now and again at all levels of society the majority were ignorant for the most part of scripture and few chose to teach them.  Come the reformation life changed for the better and a biblically based society arose but questions remain as to how many actually believed.  How many were ‘Born again?’  How many actually followed Jesus?

Today we live in a secular world, a world  made liberal by a great deal of Christian theology and now liberalised so far from scripture that it is destroying itself by the liberal attitude to ‘sin.’  Actions and behaviours once clearly noted as wrong are now accepted and indeed praised, those who point out the absurdity are abused as ‘unloving!’  The freedom to think, encouraged by scripture has led to a realisation by a  few of just how twisted out thinking can be.  We need God, the real God desperately and the way to him is blocked in so many ways.

No country can be ‘Christian,’ but any nation can be improved by Christians who live according to God and serve the nation.  State religion cannot work as it bows first to the state, becomes distant from God and dies slowly, so slowly many do not notice, but it is dead, the UK’s English based religion shows this clearly.  The only answer is not political action by men in yellow vests who are far from ‘born again’ as it is possible but for each individual to turn to Christ Jesus who is alive and well and awaiting each one of us.  This way life will return to the nation, no other ‘way’ will suffice.



Is it a Judgement…?

Watching the sad performance from Theresa May as she limped back from the latest EU meeting left me asking are we under a judgement?

Now I realise many US commentators shout, and I mean shout, their opinions regarding the return of the Lord but whether this is part of things today or not I ask has the west left Jesus so far behind that a judgement, or a natural result, has come upon us?  We see this failing Conservative Party elected by default.  The Scottish Labour Party told their supporters that if their man was not going to win they should vote for the despised Conservatives and stop the SNP winning the seat.  This they did and seven more Tory MP’s were elected to Westminster thus giving the Conservative Party power, and by voting for those Tories they robbed the Labour leader of the opportunity to become Prime Minister!  Had they voted Labour and allowed the SNP in then Labour would now be in government!

The farcical nature continues in that this cabinet is falling apart as the main leaders fight to take Theresa’s place and become PM themselves.  Boris Johnson, one of the most craven self seekers in the party, has resigned to further his career, Michael Gove spouts support in similar fashion to that offered at the last leaders election when he stood for Boris then knifed him in the back.  Others scheme to become number one while the facts emerge that reveal Brexit to be a disaster no matter how it comes about.

With such a failing government the Labour Party must be laughing, but no, their leader agrees with Brexit!  He supports this in spite of the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of his supporters will lose their jobs.  Thus he also has a divided party with sections, known as ‘Momentum’ stabbing the ‘moderates’ in the back to their face!  Two divided parties, a confused nation and we are about to fall over the precipice.

Further we look to the US for leadership and what do we see?  Donald Trump!  The only advantage we have in Theresa and the rest is that none of them are Trump!  Is this an advantage?  How a nation, let alone one with so many ‘so called evangelicals’ can vote for a man like this is surely a sign of he end!  No Christian can support this man, he does not have either a likeable personality, political understanding, ability or talent for the job and yet he is there in power and in spite of many activities that would have caused rammies in a Democrat leader no-one speaks up against Trump.  Surely a sign that something strange is in the air.

Neo Nazi’s rise in Poland, Austria and Hungary, no surprise there but even moderate people see them as an answer to ‘immigration,’ that is ‘Black people’ and ‘Arabs’ coming into their precious country.  Indeed large numbers of immigrants are a threat, especially when every crime is loudly bleated by the right wing press and those working efficiently and popularly are ignored.

Are Christians standing for Jesus?  Does the scriptures not say ‘welcome the alien and stranger’ as well as indicating this is not your ‘home’ but Heaven is therefore treat the world around you as a place to follow God and treat his people like you would wish to be treated?  Indeed control immigration but sending children back because they are black as the UK government does cannot be right.  How can US Christian’s follow Trump? They can dump the ‘All American’ persona and follow Jesus who some might be surprised to find is not American.  They can oppose racism, knock down the wall, remove Trump, demand proper politicians as leaders.  If only there was a strong enough Christian community in the UK to do likewise?

Has God allowed this to happen because we now murder thousands in abortion and consider same sex marriage normal?  Has this liberal agenda in which being ‘gay’ is more important than doing right?  Has encouraging people to choose ‘gender’ brought a judgement?  There was enough evil in the west before now, the holocaust during WW2 and the forgotten holocaust in the US west when thousands of Indians were murdered and their lands stolen.  The English government’s bloody take over off half the world may have brought it’s own judgement in the Great War of 1914 – 1918, is their another judgement around the corner?  Have we sinned too far?

A Conundrum


Tomatoes all look the same don’t they?  In fact there are many varieties of these and similar fruit an veg in this world.  Today I cogitated on the similarities and great differences of church leaders.

You see at the moment I find myself in an Anglican church, an evangelical, biblical (mostly) place.  However the Anglicans are indeed what is called a ‘Broad Church,’ that is they allow almost anybody in.  Basically there are three types, ‘Low church’ (Evangelical, biblical based proper Christians), ‘High Church,’ those that wish t be Catholic, with ropes, fancy liturgy, candles, incense a and lots of high falutin nonsense, and a third lot who are neither and are often unclear as to what they actually are, most can be called ‘nominal Christians’ I suggest.

Chatting with a young lady who is not clear on bible teaching we were joined by a retired vicar who often preaches here and elsewhere around the area, filling in for the lack of full time men.  A decent man but one with too much ‘liberal’ theology in my book and one who does not expect answers to prayers, a bad sign.  We spoke after listening to the curate, another decent man but one who is inclined to catholic ways, robes, liturgy and fancy stuff, again a man I like.  It intrigued me to add to the the vicar, this one is a woman!  That is correct, a female vicar of evangelical persuasion!

So I find myself cogitating here, having come from a Presbyterian background then converted to a Baptist, then charismatic church I now find myself in a sort of confused Anglican church with a Heretic, a Papist and a woman vicar!  How did this happen?

It is clear from chatting that many members have a poor theology.  While the vicar tries to install one by making use of the knowledgeable amongst the flock it is clear some have only a hazy theology.  Those who wish to increase knowledge are a wee bit too few in my mind and this then requires a bit more from the pulpit, we need more of that.  What is my place I wonder?  What can I do for those lacking and for those who teach me so much about living the faith?

Ho hum, today was an enjoyable day, I liked the people I spoke to (admittedly most of that concerned the local football team) and I might even be back tomorrow for the Monday meeting, if I can.  ‘God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform’ as the man wrote…

Joy Abundant

There is no joy like that of knowing the Lord!

Those who have been found by the Lord Jesus and have allowed him to reign in their lives know a joy unsurpassed by any material possession.  The answers to prayer, the support through life when things get tough, and the demand to live as he would have one live while difficult is not impossible.

There are many times when the Christian falls but he is always there to lift them up again and restore the relationship.  Temptations and fears abound but the Lord Jesus Christ will always be there with you, however silent he appears to be at the time.

Why then do Christians sin?  Why do some fall away?  Why do some choose to continue in sin when Jesus has died for them?  Do they crucify him again for themselves and treat his grace as nothing?  And if they do can they be yet saved?

The joy of having Jesus with you daily cannot be beaten by wealth, possessions and all the glory of this fallen world, only he himself can be worth anything and he must be all to the individual.  Otherwise it is impossible to follow him as a disciple.

Never let go of Christ Jesus, never allow sin to dominate, never make excuses for the fall of the Christian cannot be made good.




Pondering Brexit


The other day, surrounded by pint glasses, we got into a ‘Brexit’ debate.  This featured two UKIP types living in a UKIP area, the type of area that is afraid foreigners are taking over the nation, reads the ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘Express’ considers themselves hard working, debt paying and have a hankering for when things were better, back in the day…

These are indeed good people and while I intended to enlighten them on the real world, however much they have travelled the land they remain imbued with the spirit of this area and fail to comprehend life elsewhere.  So instead of arguing from a position of ignorance, my usual stance, I decided to cease and ask what Jesus would say.  I failed to get an answer…

Jesus was clever enough never to mention the politics of his day and there is no doubt he was well aware of them.  What is his position today?  Scripture tells us he is in charge of this world though the enemy has taken possession of it and those who reject Jesus.  The question has to be how do we tell what God is doing and what the enemy is doing in this world?  It would be very easy to read into the political situation our interpretation of things, this however is an unstable way to work.  So we need principles to guide our interpretation.

Jesus never spoke from a political standpoint, his standpoint was the Kingdom of God and our place in it.  The individual must stand for Jesus and follow him rather than a nationalistic position or a political one.  My country right or wrong is not a biblical position neither is following slavishly all manifesto’s of any political party, nations make many bad mistake and politics is a movable feast with little solid bases to stand on.  It is not wrong to support your nation nor is it wrong to work for a political party that one considers is best for the good of all but many traps lie therein.

Brexit, supported by ‘little Englanders,’ racists afraid of Muslims, black folks and foreigners generally changing the world in which they were born alongside general concerns with the shambolic manner of the EU operation does not represent a biblical viewpoint.  If we knew how the EU operated, and few indeed actually understand that, we might be in a position to decide the proper course of action.  However we all decide from a position of half truth and lies distorting our image of the EU and through the media led campaign many are educated to react emotionally to the EU rather than thoughtfully.  I cannot be considered a thoughtful one as you will understand.

Throughout scripture runs the refrain to accept the stranger among you, to aid the refugee, to welcome those from other lands forced upon you by war or disaster.  The reaction to the million or so rushing to Europe in the past couple of years whether running from war, disaster or economic failure has been unbiblical for the most part.  Poland, Austria and Hungary now with Italy have gone for far right governments, Germany with a Christian educated leader now watching her support drain away has taken many but at great cost.  The right wing media present a daily diet of incomers crime and failure.  No wonder people fear and rush to the rabblerouser rather than think.

The Christina must decide on Brexit through as much knowledge as he can muster.  This is not easy.  Emotion must be replaced with facts.  The sight of business rushing out of the nation, Brexiteers rushing to move their hedge funds to Dublin and obtaining EU passports via Malta’s dubious government reveals just how costly leaving the EU will actually be.  The millionaire Brexiteers who claim a lower economy is a good thing ought to just right the word ‘greedy’ upon their brow to proclaim their position.  The Christian cannot put his nation first and must decide if the EU stability is better than economic failure.  He must decide whether refusing people in need is Christian and what can he do about this.

Where have my pondering’s got me?  We cannot put nation before God, we must support refugees and the needy rather than a desperate fight to ‘keep them out.’  We cannot encourage racism, nor can we allow the economy to collapse while a few enrich themselves.

One thing we must have is another referendum on leaving the EU.  We must also have enquiries into the ‘dark money’ floating about, its source and intention.  We must also have better information as to the good things the EU does as to just a diet of propaganda against it.








Approaching Easter


Recently a French Gendarme found himself in a difficult position facing a gunman.  I am unclear of all the details but it appears this man took the place of a woman in danger and through this act was shot dead.  Rightly his president claims that this man is a ‘hero’ a much abused word these days.

He of course is not the first police officer in France or many other nations who has taken such a step and paid for it with his life.  Many soldiers in war have done the same and indeed many individual citizens have also risked their lives for another, many dying as a result.  Paul I think it is mentions this in a letter emphasising how rare it is that one would lay down their life for another yet Jesus, while we were yet sinners, laid down his life for us, for me, for you!

An emotional response is often the result but this is insufficient, we must give ourselves wholeheartedly to this God who loved us, me, you, so much that he would not only die for us but for the whole world!  We, I, must give myself to this God who loves me so much!

This God has done so much for me, daily I see his grace, how come I find myself so often wallowing in self pity, lust, hate, or some fear of loss and forgetting him and his great grace?  How quickly I like the people who crossed the Red Sea forget what he has done for me and return to type.  How quickly I allow my self to rule and not the new man in Christ Jesus!

Dwell in Christ and rejoice, he will never leave you never forsake you, when he is far away it us we who ave moved, he remains permanent.  Let us go back to him and wallow in his grace daily.


Lenten Spring


The weathermen, those sick twisted individuals who hide behind attractive young female presenters, wish us to believe Spring is sprung on the 1st of March.  That date they also assure us will be one filled with cold east winds direct from Siberia with added snow flurries.  They say this with a young woman’s smile!  ‘Lenten’ is an old word that really means ‘Spring,’ it is then no surprise that when ‘Lenten’ begins the snow appears.

The word ‘Lenten’ has been shrunk these days to ‘Lent,’ and is seen as a time some Christians spend preparing for Easter.  Not all Christians do this, only those filled with the leftovers of Roman Catholic tendencies.  The churches based on scripture, Baptists, Presbyterian’s, Pentecostals etc, tend to ignore the period altogether.

The New Testament makes no mention of such an event, indeed it is in the second century, Ireneaus in Lyon and Tertullian in North Africa, we read about a short fast from Friday to Sunday, around forty hours, not days, that the church used to commemorate the crucifixion.  The New Testament writers of the first century were celebrating that event daily or weekly as circumstances allowed, I am unclear whether an annual event was commemorated as they expected Jesus return ‘soon’ though this is a possibility.  It would be understandable but Paul, Peter, James and the writer to the Hebrews do not mention Easter.  I recall reading some time ago, therefore forgetting where, that John the Apostle considered that Easter ought to occur alongside Passover, however the Roman church rejected this and followed the idea that Peter, as holder of the Keys to Heaven, was more important.


By the Council of Nicea in 325 AD the various forms of fasts that occurred over the world were regulated and a fast of forty days was the result, this however was not a hard and fast instruction but it was held to in most places. One element was a six day fast which had arisen in some quarters which later became incorporated as ‘Holy Week’ which ends on Easter Day.  Churches then as now tended to interpret fasts in various ways, people are often unwilling to give up old habits, others do not like change and the independence of some is challenged by instructions from the centre.   Redeemed human nature is just as hard and difficult as unredeemed.

The reformation led to another reappraisal of scripture and many of the added excreta were removed by the reformed churches, Lent among them.  Their Christianity was scripture led and while Easter was adhered to, rather strange if it were not, fasting was rejected as ‘papist.’  The confusion of the days led to differences in what was rejected and what continued in various places, the Church of Scotland became Calvinist Presbyterian while the Anglican Church of England kept a great many Roman practices and many continue up to this day.  This leads to theological confusion which leads to a great many compromises which hinder the ‘man in the pew.’

The public at large celebrate Easter though in today’s world few understand what it implies.  The sale of chocolate Easter Eggs, often used as a Christian symbol in the distant past, appears to be all that some care for, alongside the two week school holiday.  Media coverage of Easter fails to indicate what it is all about though occasionally some rightful elements break through.

Why Pancakes?  Shrove Tuesday, from the Anglo Saxon ‘Shriven’ meaning to have confessed and been forgiven, had a special significance in England.  Pancakes were prepared and enjoyed, because in so doing a family depleted their eggs, milk, butter, and fat which were part of the Lenten fast.  At this time, some areas of the Church abstained from all forms of meat and animal products, while others made exceptions for food like fish.  For example, Pope St. Gregory (d. 604), writing to St. Augustine of Canterbury, issued the following rule: “We abstain from flesh, meat, and from all things that come from flesh, as milk, cheese, and eggs.”  These were the fasting rules governing the Church in England; hence, the eating of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Catholic Answers. 

Pancakes and eggs are often eaten by those suggesting they ought to ‘give them up’ for Lent.  The cynic suggesting that giving up greed, resentment, malice, theft, murder, drunkeness and lying might be a better idea get little sympathy I find.  However this indeed is what Lent ought to be about, preparing the individual for Jesus.  This does not require Lent, Easter or any other time of the year and I myself do not usually go in for ‘Lent’ and its efforts, however this year I have decided to cease reading the media, full of lies, temptations to anger and worse, instead filling the time with bible study and prayer and making an effort to move away from the many vices that I have allowed to dwell within, however hard this may be to give up the more popular items!  Lent is meant to bring us closer to Jesus, while the pomp may be needless the idea is worth trying, so I will have a go, I and the world around me must benefit.


Palm Sunday


Coming from one of those austere evangelical backgrounds I find the Anglican church and her ways sometimes strange.  I often mutter at the vicar and Curate “Papist” or “Heretic” when they talk of the Anglican calendar or activities.  They always ignore me!

Today being Palm Sunday we had the local Beaver Scouts parading in, flags and banners and all, even though there were only around a dozen of them.  In the 1950’s the then ‘Boy Scouts’ and ‘Girl Guides’ would have had dozens not a dozen on parade, fashions change and the military aspect of such events does look somewhat incongruous to me these days. Being Palm Sunday and with many kids and strangers accompanying them the service was aimed in their direction and handled quite well I thought.  The curate had many kids out there acting out Jesus entry into Jerusalem in both modern and ancient style.  The eight year old with beard and Jesus hair went down very well even if he could hardly see where he was going.  The music also was aimed at kids, well most of it, and this appeared to be enjoyed more by the adults!  It makes a change from the usual stuff.

Churches like the Anglicans make a big thing out of Easter, quite rightly in my view, however evangelical churches while remembering Easter tend to take the view each Sunday, if not each day ought to be ‘Easter.’

‘Lent’ is something many follow giving up things in preparation for Easter.  It does appear to me however that what most people give up is nothing of any value.  Often we hear those who give up chocolate, sweets, beer or some such, we never hear of those giving up hate, resentment, cheating or the like, I wonder why?  Those who choose to follow Jesus ought to be giving up wrong attitudes and putting themselves under his control that way they need not give up anything but continue to develop the life Christ wishes to live through them.

Oh how easy it is to talk innit?  How hard to live the life.  Yet of Jesus died for us, if Jesus will judge us one day, and if Jesus loves us and one day we will be with him then it is worth while trying to follow him.  I have touched on his life and I have tasted something nothing on earth can equal (So how come I forget this so easily?) and I want more of it.

The meeting this morning ended with a whimper as the kids paraded out and the leaders went with them.  We all stood there for a moment somewhat stunned at the ending and then made a dahs for the coffee!  Several were killed in the rush!  I got in first however…


Where Are We?


So I wake in the morning and wonder “Where is my head?” It was there the night before, I remember talking to God in a sleepy type of way yet in the morning, refreshed and awake, there is no sign of it.  There is no sign of the faith, love and earnestness that appeared in my thoughts either, vanished like mist in the sunshine.

At times like this I ask “Where are we?”  If God is there, and I met him the other week I vaguely remember, I remember also answered prayer and small miracles, so why can I not figure it out this morning?  Of course he is there however my body has decided that sleep, hunger, exercise, sex, illness or some other desire has pushed him out of mind and he may be gone for some time.

The difficulty of remembering God when such moods arise cannot be measured, we are all slightly different, as indeed are our situations.  The clever people tell us to “Have Faith, remember he is always with you” and they are of course correct.  However this does not make it any easier, especially if pain or tiredness hinders thinking.

The truth is sometimes we don’t want to think about God, we prefer other delights, or somethings not necessarily delightful, it just dominates the thought processes.  There is much to say on this subject but my mind is fogging over with tiredness, I have just eaten, and I just cannot be bothered thinking.  Maybe laziness is the real problem, not the other things…

Genesis 16

The bible, that collection of Gods works on earth, does not hide the truth about people, not even those chosen by God personally to do his work.  Genesis 16 gives a wonderful insight into people, not just people of their time but people for all time.

Around about 2000 BC God reaches down to a man called Abram living around Ur in what is now southern Iraq and tells him to leave his father and mother and go to a place he will be shown.  At the time it is likely Abram only knew the goddess situated on top of the ziggurat in Ur itself and the lesser moon-god placed alongside her.  So why did God reach down to Abram?  There were I believe 25,000 or so in Ur and many more like Abram round about, why pick this man?

Eventually Abram makes it to Canaan and settles there.  However his wife has not produced a child and feels this deeply so she resorts to the fashion of the day and forces Abram, who shows little reluctance, into sleeping with her slave girl as wife.  This situation is not recommended in scripture but as these people did not possess scripture bar God revealing himself to Abram their lack of appreciation is understandable.  Hold on a minute, even though scripture was not laid down in our hearts we know right from wrong yet Sarai & Abram went ahead with this just the same.  Conscience is inbuilt I say.

Inevitably this goes wrong.  Hagar, the slave, becomes pregnant (I wonder how long that took? Did Abram make it last?) and soon a bitchiness found only between females comes to the fore.  Having suggested the idea in the first place Sarai then blames Abram for Hagar’s abuse of her mistress, “You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering,” she yells at him.  Abram, head of the house though he is, responds with a courage renown to belong to many a married man, “Your servant is in your hands, do with her whatever you think best,” he says running for the hills.

Things do not turn out as one would expect.  Hagar, being abused, runs for the hills but meets with God there.  In similar fashion to Abram this son is given the promise of becoming a huge nation, many descendants, too numerous to count, although he will however be a ‘wild donkey of a man’ and turn everyone against him.  Why does God do this?  It is unclear to me why this should be, surely ‘wild donkeys’ ought to be avoided? However she returns to her home and life continues.

Note the lack of scripture, the human responses so similar to our own, and at no time did Sarai nor Abram ask the God who called them out of Ur about their lack of child.  These people had no bible, we have it complete yet we are less used by God than they!  We know that in all things God works for the good but his ways do not match our understanding. In this situation Abram was 86 years of age, God appears to him later when he is 99 and he has a son then, his own.  Some of us may find that encouraging…