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I have just given a quick look at a thread on a messageboard concerning the Roman Catholic Church. “Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world?”

The debate was started by a man who is a leading member of a ‘humanist’ group. One who has failed to state his position here, and who likes to attack Christian faith of any kind. His purpose is to prove his position and destroy the believers. He is not open for a constructive debate, however he often claims to be so.

I mention this because it is impossible to argue with such people, and even if your arguments do win he will most likely be resentful and not open to God. He might just avoid you in future. Many others joined in a condemnation of the church, faith, or any belief, most from ignorance and few with any intellectual depth. The main arguments are merely restatements of those they have heard from elsewhere.

I wondered what could be done? Nothing is the answer! I had similar opinions at one time, and arguments meant nothing to me. Rarely did I participate and never did it change my ignorant opinions. Instead Jesus himself took a hand (and look what I have done with what he offered!). It is Jesus that changes hearts, not arguments. The only debate that works is with those who have an enquiring mind. Even then only Jesus, by the Holy Spirit can change hearts.

So for the ones on that board I can only ask the Lord to be merciful and seek to ‘love’ his way with my neighbour. This is unfortunate, as this way is hard! Just arguing and debating is much easier and less demanding! Love costs and takes suffering in its stride. Love is not easy.

There again he does it daily, how come we (I) don’t?