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Spiritual Moods

Funny how moods change. Today I look out on a miserable wet Sunday, with no desire to drip my way into any church meeting. The attempt at praise and worship was proving to hard, and apathy and sloth took over. I picked up the good book but found it proved to heavy to open, those pages weighed a ton. I decided the football was more my kind of thing and settled down to watch that, but even this is proving unsatisfactory. A few days ago all was different! The book was light and easy, the chain references I was following interesting and enlightening, prayer came naturally. What happened? The sun shone on me then, now faith is hard, God does not exist, and nothing matters.

Life is a nuisance. Moods change all the time, one day you have eaten well, circumstances are good and God is in his heaven. The next, poor diet, sickness, bad football result and the world is at an end, God has gone and reality is unwanted. In fact this is everyday life for us all. While one is up and down from day to day others vary over weeks or even months, but mood swings are with us always! Pity really. It is difficult to worship when there is no joy, or worries intrude, or the mood is flat, but this is normal. God, like bad weather in the UK, is always there, and an ever present reality! Just because I am flat does not mean he is hiding. Paul must have been flattened many times, no friends, no food, in jail, slapped about, opposed, unwanted, life threatened, yet he continued in faith. Real faith, not the nominal stuff we often live out, but believing God is there and Jesus would never leave him. He was right!

I tell myself this, and attempt to praise, worship, and adore, bringing to mind the good times, but in reality I just want to fall asleep again! I did however dream I was in a big church last night, does this count as worship I wonder?