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Isn’t life strange?

I am attempting to ;trust’ the father who never fails. But I find myself not doing this and not for the first time doing what I consider best.               Hmmm, that’s worked before hasn’t it!

However it is difficult knowing when to do something and when to do nothing but ‘wait!’ I should know by now, and certainly do know when it is someone else who is pondering these things, but am drifting one way or another constantly!

Being pressurised by the dole office, and I understand why, does not help. Three years is a long time to hang about, and while the knee, age and gormlessness are the main reasons I feel guilty and even worse now a recession takes away what work there was.  I have spent money I do not possess on the driving to no avail so far and that is the biggest effort, and the only one I can make really, there appears to be nothing else! The Lord provides, but I would rather he found some other way than the dole, especially if it was in his will. I meet with the dole chaps on Tuesday afternoon for a serious argument about my claim and follow this up with a slagging match on Thursday with a supercilious chap who will probably call the security guard if he looks down his nose at me a second time! Oh I’m so butch!

So now I am off to look for work/money/suicide or maybe just lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling once again. Hmmm that sounds the best option for a Saturday……