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I was watching a video tonight concerning the growth of Islam around the world. The implication was that as Muslims move into the West they will out breed the indigenous population and take over the world. Figures were given regarding the massive growth of the Muslim population and forecasts of the likelihood of how things will turn out in the next thirty years or so.

Now I do not know who was behind this video. I do not know if their figures were correct. I am aware that Islam would like to ‘take over the world,’ what religion or belief system would not?  Such videos may be a warning to some, they may be a call to Christians to evangelise, they may just be racists hiding behind a front, however one thing is clear it was made by Americans! You will be aware that I am always wary of American Christians websites and videos. While there are many excellent Christians in the US many put an ‘All American image’ before Jesus. Some of course are more Republican than Christian, and this is very sad.  So with wariness I watch such videos.

However when praying about Islam later I was reminded that Jesus Christ is Lord! Islam may grow, Hinduism may grow apace, secular humanism may spread over the face of the earth but Jesus knows all about this and he remains in charge. It is not for Christians to fear such movements, ‘fore thought’ not ‘fear thought’ is required, it is for Christians to preach ‘Christ Crucified’ and nothing else! It does not matter whether there are wars and famines, earthquakes and false gods, what matters is proclaiming Christ Jesus and nothing else.

Christians need to be aware of facts, objectively stated, and in context of the world around them. Extremist claims must resisted, and at all times Christs Jesus must be seen as Lord in our lives and proclaimed, whatever the situation.