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North Korea

I recently came across some material relating to Christians in North Korea. This closed land has long been a sad example of dictatorship gone wrong. The Communist leaders have long forgotten what Marxism Leninism is all about, if indeed they ever cared, living only to run the nation in a way that suits them, and the leaders appear none to mentally healthy to me!
Since removing the Japanese at the end of the second world war Northern Korea has been under the control of the Communist party. Kim ll Sung who died in 1994 leaving his son Kim Jong ll in charge. The country has been economically and socially developed badly with famine a recurring problem. Rumours of over a million dying a few years ago were never confirmed and always denied by a secretive regime. However famine remains a constant danger and supplies from the much maligned United States and Japan constantly demanded. As you can understand this produces much political manoeuvring. With the possibility of nuclear arms being developed by North Korea and it’s huge army based on the border with the south, allied to the many missiles aimed at Seoul the capital of South Korea this remains a dangerous political problem. The ones who suffer are the people of North Korea. Many have escaped into China and beyond with tales of horror and starvation. China now has a policy it appears of returning such refugees, possibly in an effort to prevent a mass break out. Many women and children who do cross and escape being returned end up in prostitution and being sold as sex slaves. Maybe for them the conditions are actually better as they may well be warm and fed in some of those places. However I doubt if this can be considered life! It is also doubtful if even China has the control over the ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong ll that they once had. His situation, possible illness,and the lack of knowledge of the leading men, desperate men no doubt, make for instability in relations with the nation.
Christians are among those suffering there. You will not be surprised that in spite of oppression Christianity still exists and while ‘flourishes’ may be the wrong word, it has not died and continued to grow.
However Christians face government opposition, as does any organisation, as they are seen as a threat to the control of the leadership. Jails therefore contain around 70,000 who have been sent their because of their faith.
Would you, would I endure such a harsh treatment? I cannot say!
The weather in the UK is very cold just now. The streets are blocked with snow in many places, transport stutters along and the nation grinds to a halt. However this will ending a week or so, the weather, reaching minus 60 in Beijing, China, today, indicating just how cold it must be in prisons which I guess have little chance of heating.
Reports indicate Christians attempt to spread their faith, share their meagre resources with one another and those around them, and they desire that we pray for a ‘revitalisation of their ministry to the needy!’
This as opposed to praying for their own safety!
Clearly the Christians, along with Buddhists, followers of Confucius along with many others, face opposition simply because their beliefs contrast with state control. Let us remember all the citizens of North Korea and especially those of the ‘household of faith,’ as Jesus would have us do.
It humbles me to think of them, while I fuss about being overweight!