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Recession has hit the UK. It sits on top of the worlds economy, everyone is troubled by this. Well, maybe not Oil Millionaires of course, as yet!

Some years ago I knew a man who had gone to China in 1935. he and his wife found themselves where the Good Lord wanted them, deep in the middle of China. A change from their middle class suburb! Later they were found in Shanghai where they produced Christian literature in Chinese. During their time the Japanese war broke out, and later Japan attacked British protectorates. This led to a time in camp. After the war things improved in some ways but eventually the Communists under Mao took over and by 1951 the mission was removed from that great land. The missionaries worry was how would the church survive without them to lead it. Under duress it grew! Isn’t it always the way!
One of his few stories, he rarely spoke of their troubles, concerned the recession that struck at one point. Paper money became worthless, and bundles of notes would be tied together into long bundles, just enough to pay for a rickshaw ride! However by strictly keeping the account books during this time and trusting in Jesus their friend he discovered that after the financial downturn had ended the mission had become better off than at the beginning!

A while ago thinking on things this came to me, from deep in my mind or from Jesus,

‘I have been young and now I am old,and I have never seen the righteous forsaken.’

Whatever your situation, trust in him and he will never forsake you!