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Lax with God

Only today I was faced with two choices, concentrate on Jesus or other things.  My mind allowed the wrong to take root.  There again I should have seen it growing over the last few days.  But I did not, and was lax with God.  Instead of concentrating on him, I just got on with life and fell flat on my face, again.  It never ceases to amaze me how often I see the grace of God in action, a word here, a prayer there, and an opening unexpectedly occurring at just the right time.  But within moments I am back to my self, vain, unforgiving, concentrating on me and not him.  I understand those who spent forty years in the wilderness!  So now I remember, too late his grace and goodness.  Now, when I have allowed sin to lead me I wonder where I stand, why I forgot him, and how on earth I end up here.  Still, I suppose he is used to this.  Sometimes I wonder how Jesus puts up with all the sin, and from those he has reached out to at that!  You create the earth, you die on the cross, call folks to you, and find them wrapped up in themselves and not you.  Being God is not all it’s cracked up to be!  I get annoyed when folks don’t treat me right, I cannot guess how the creator must feel when folks like me forget him and concentrate on their little world, a world he wishes to enlarge and develop for them!  Dearie me, I do wrong, and push him aside to do so, and then say,” Sorry God,” and move on as if it was not important. Oh look, there it is again, self indulgence for my guilt, instead of tears for his pain and heartache.  And what heartache, echoed millions of times a day, does he endure from those that use his name……


Ups and Downs

Isn’t life strange?

A couple of weeks ago I was saying ‘God you are so good, I don’t want any more problems bothering me.  I just want you!  No more bad things.’  I meant it as I was enjoying God.  Then last week, in the middle of a debate on a message board, I lost it!  And how!  It was the usual debate between those who believe and those who do not.  It was getting nowhere, as some ask but do not wish to accept the answers, and then I jumped in without thinking ans spoke my mind.

This you may appreciate is not a good thing for me to do!  The replies were not encouraging and I ended up in a real downer.  For several days I was angry at them, at myself for stupidity, and at a whole host of other thoughts that crowded in.  God was pushed aside and I fell apart for a few days and wallowed in self pity and anger, at them, at my own weakness, at anything that moved.

At one point I was pulled up as I read ‘Vines Dictionary of New Testament Words,’ when looking up ‘agape.’  It spoke of Gods undeserved love to me, and the world in general.  This almost brought me out of it, but not quite.  I enjoyed my bad mood.  I wallowed in self pity, and everything else was pushed aside.  Such moods open up many dangers but I cared not.

Now I find myself asking, ‘How did that happen?’  ‘Where did that come from?’  Things were going so well.  I had read of Jesus desperate to make me his home instead of heaven, of his love reaching out, and suddenly I was deep in a pit I did not want to fight.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those ‘Super Christians,’ the ones who always overcome, and who never want to sin.  Those who love their God so much that sin is not found near them.  I am not like that.  Anger brings a desire for revenge, especially after I have attempted forgiveness, lust for what I do not have comes in easily, running away when times are hard to that which will not support (like the Jews desire to run to Egypt when Assyria threatened) is so easy, but empty in the end.  Oh to live the life in the same way I talk about it!  Ah well, I suppose, like the miserable selfish swine I am, I must crawl back towards Jesus and mutter, ‘I didn’t really mean it…..but I did it anyway……..’  Ho hum, another day in paradise.

When Folks Sin

Should we condemn them or help them? How much ought we to sympathise and how do we discipline?

Some always put an arm around the one troubled by a sin, others take the ‘macho’ attitude and just tell them to ‘Stop it and get on with it!’ Others have their own way of dealing. The attitude can vary depending on whether you actually like the person or not and of course your own attitude to the sin involved. Some folks are surprised or revolted by the things that bother a Christian, but Jesus knows the depth of our corruption and is never surprised by anything we do. He knows our heart. More sympathy and help is given to a friend as opposed one who bugs you and this is understandable.

It is written somewhere, ‘A friend loves at all times,’ and Jesus certainly does this. Jesus however always spoke the truth to people, and if something is wrong it must be pointed out. Help may be required, but it is the decision to fight whatever brings sin that brings success, eventually. The fellow traveller attempts to ‘Love at all times’ and to be honest this is not easy, even with a friend!

Avoiding the cause helps, taking appropriate action helps, prayer helps, but personal decision is the major step. On occasion the Holy Spirit will bring relief, but not always quickly. It is imperative therefore that if sin bothers an individual they must choose to make every effort to stop it. An honest friend can help them by counsel and prayer, but an admission of what is wrong and choice to cease it is required. Reading and studying the book is the first step to know what is sin and what is not. This is the way to understand the mind of God.

Understanding Gods view of the sin is important, we often get things out of context. Remembering his love and perseverance is vital, otherwise we would just give up. And there is the most important thing – his love!

If we spent more time understanding his tough love, and less time wallowing in our physical, mental or emotional ‘needs’ we would be happier and more obedient people! It is the love of God, him choosing to love us, that is the beginning of hope for us all. Our nature is corrupt, we fight the world, the flesh and the devil, and he is aware of this. He has promised to be with us but we must choose to accept and believe this and the desire to hurt him will help defeat the sin.

Jesus understands and loves us. He always tells us the truth, even if we don’t like it, we also must speak the truth to one another.