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Self Pitying Whine

So here it is. With the words of Habbakuk in my ears I still find myself ‘taking the talk’ but not ‘walking the walk!’ Now I know the Lord will never fail, but things are tight here and I wonder if someone might offer a prayer that will open my ears to what I ought to do?

The story so far (You may yawn now) forced to leave work because of arthritic knee, the need being for work of a more sedentary (that means sitting down) nature, I have been unemployed for longer than some of the Dole office staff have worked there!  Knowing nothing relevant, having ‘Postman’s knees,’ and an arthritic knee also, being untrained in anything bar lifting goods or people I have struggled to find work. Being 57 years of age is also a crime in some folks eyes and on top of this work of suitable type has been rare.

I have spent lots on driving lessons, the only suitable training open to me I could find, and am close to passing the test (so I say anyway!). However this means the cash has run away and now I am wondering what to do?  Being gormless at the best of times I am totally lacking in any ideas now. What ideas have arrived have been unreachable or a product of a deluded and twisted mind!

The good book says ‘work,’ and work I would like. (However after forty years of ‘work’ I don’t want ‘work’ again, I want something ‘enjoyable’ as ‘work.’ I no longer have the energy for some jobs.) I am guilty taking the dole, I feel bad I do nothing, even though it has its advantages! But not being able to pay my way, or indeed pay towards others way is a real hang up! So, I ask prayer, for the right opening, the right work, and the right attitude from me!

I also have no church at present. I found the churches here rather difficult when I arrived some time ago. Either they were moving too fast or thought it was still 1964!  While some appear good places I cannot find a ‘home’ among them. (The red cross made from goats blood on my front door, with a note saying ‘Keep away!’ and signed by the local ‘League of churches,’ may also indicate something) This is a loss, but I truly need more ‘fellowship.’ What I have is at a distance, although the Lord has changed me over recent years through this. (But not enough a voice calls out!)

So my self pitying whine is for prayer that I may believe what I know, and find suitable employment and fellowship in the area. Unless the Good Lord wants something else, like to give me a good kick up the posterior! This may be more likely!

Whining noise is stopping now as I am off to grumble elsewhere……