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End Times

The credit crunch has some believing the end times are upon us, and this may well be so, however there again it may not.  Global warming, whether natural or man made, financial collapse, the Jews back in Israel all point , for some, to the end being upon us.
However let us hold on a moment.
Financial collapse is not new, it happens occasionally and sweeps the entire world, natural disasters will be there until the end, and the Jewish return nowhere implies an immediate return for Jesus, it is in the Fathers time after all.
Israel it must be said does not behave as a Godly society ought to behave.  Their treatment of the Palestinians does not comply with Jesus attitude to the Romans who dominated the land in his day!  It is one thing to defend yourself, it is another to terrorise and brutalise your opponent! Blind support, usually from the US, takes sides with ‘the apple of Gods eye,’ but does not consider their behaviour.  This is wrong!  Supporting the work of the Lord in the middle east does not mean accepting wrong behaviour from either side.  Both need to accept salvation and Christians ought to be offering love to both.  Some even see Muslims as demonic and Jews as righteous!  Both are sinners God wishes to accept salvation and if the middle east is important to you prayers need to be directed to this end.

Jesus will return soon, and we may be alive to see it, the indications are there.  However we often make mistakes and misunderstand.  Therefore if we really wish to see Jesus return we need to stop reading the signs and start living the life.  There is little point in understanding scripture revelation if we don’t love our neighbour, or our enemy.  If our marriage is failing and we don’t get on with those around us. Jesus does not want folk ‘standing looking into the sky,’ he wants those who love him to live for him.  Then they will see him all around them and walk into his eternal kingdom.  They way is hard, but glorious if we hold to it.