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The English Civil War

Browsing through Fielding’s thoughts on the ‘English Civil War’ I am overcome with annoyance at the attitude of the Christians found there. With little knowledge of foreign history I always thought that this was a war of ‘protestant Roundheads’ under Cromwell fighting the ‘Royalist Catholic Cavaliers.’ Naturally, when one investigates history only one clear fact emerges – people are involved and nothing is as it seems!

Instead we find political ambition, religious zeal, and pride showing through at all levels. Kings want to keep control, some wish for a form of democracy, Cromwell, like the mad baroness Thatcher, was a lower middle class man who wished to keep the social order as it was, those with wealth wished to keep it and indeed extend it, foreign powers intervened to create or prevent wars and in the end Jesus was for the most part, ignored.

Just like today!

Instead of ‘Levellers,’ ‘Puritans,’ Cavaliers,’ ‘Presbyterians,’ ‘Baptists,’ ‘Anabaptist’s and a whole host of others, (pick your own favourite) we have blogs and websites, churches with printing presses and a whole host of people filling the market place telling us exactly what God is saying -to you! Once again I find the reason why I keep apart from so much of this. Once again my tiny mind is confused by ‘prophets’ and ‘bible teachers’ who know what the book says. I confess I know nothing!

How on earth do we expect anyone to meet Jesus with so many voices yelling aloud? How dos the seeker find the truth? I am glad I was sought by God before the Internet, I may never have made it! I am glad I am too stupid to discern good from bad, although I do understand some things. I am glad Jesus led me to the London church where he was staying at the time. (I wish he would lead me to a similar one here by the way!) I am glad that in the end it is Jesus himself by his Spirit that calls to us and works so very hard to bring us too himself. With so many voices, and I mean Christian ones, yelling out loud causing confusion and arguments, it is heeding his voice that brings life. It was ever thus. From the beginning there were many churches, each with a view of their own. Some were right, some mistaken, they early believers had to keep it simple to stay safe!  How the bible seeker of the 1600’s managed to find his way amazes me. Some of the people of those days are still read and admired by many. They are all men of their time, and should be read in context. Like us they made many mistakes.

I have previously mentioned some Christian blogs which I recommend. We may disagree on some things, but their heart is right, and they are well worth reading.