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Jewish Christians

Well reports indicate that there is a rising number of Jewish Christians appearing in Israel itself.  As most will realise this is one of the indications that Jesus will soon return.  There are others of course.  This does not actually mean Jesus will return in our lifetime although that is now much more likely, we must remember he has a habit of not doing things our way and will come when the Father decides, and that will be the right time.

It is not a surprise that there is an increase of numbers in the Holy Land as numbers, while small, are increasing world wide.  However this area is the centre of the world and it is very interesting to watch the situation development as time goes by.  It is of course far too easy to read into situations our own mixed up thoughts, so the wise man while contemplating the days would do well to avoid looking for the return of Jesus and spend more time looking for him in his daily life.

God is in control of the world, Jesus Christ is Lord,and we can expect him to work in the world around us if we look to him.   When he returns, either for all his flock or just for the individual, he will be satisfied if we can be found living for him at that moment.  Times and dates are not for us to worry about, daily life with him certainly is!