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Orissa Troubles

The troubles continue in Orissa with several towns still suffering the effects of the riots.  More dead, and no doubt much more needless destruction.  While India remains a great country and its people lovely to know it never fails to amaze me just how easily mob violence is to create there.

Continue to pray for peace in this area.  For protection for the believers, and all others, and reconciliation between the tribes and groupings.  Write to the ‘Times’ and ensure the nation knows the world hears what is happening in India.

The Times of India report.


Orissa India

In recent days the situation in Orissa has once again led to violent outbreaks. A young woman was burnt to death, houses and church premises have been attacked and individual Christians have suffered greatly.

Please pray for the situation. While we sit in the west complaining about the missed bus and the meaningless adverts that dominate the TV screen in India there is a real persecution, and I for one do nothing to help ease it.

Read the following links and pray as led, although protection, provision and the strength which God supplies through Jesus Christ his Son must be uppermost in our thoughts. Pray that they may know Gods will for each in this time.

The Times of India There is a chance to write to the editor on this link!  Consider this please.

Persecution Update India

Persecution Update India Latest.

Remember also Yash & Monica facing similar plight elsewhere.